Emergency/Survival: MICRO Fishing Kit in Metal Tin, Sliding Lid, 1"x2" - EDC!

Emergency/Survival: MICRO Fishing Kit in Metal Tin, Sliding Lid, 1


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eBay EMERGENCY & SURVIVAL "MICRO" FISHING KIT OVER 40+ Pieces - Unique Design! SMALL EDC Package!COMPLETE KIT in a Metal Container with a Sliding Lid!Metal Tin with a Sliding Lid, Click ClosureONLY 1" x 2" x 7/16" Thick!  Perfect for E.D.C. ( Every Day Carry )VERY Lightweight!  Only 1.0 Ounce! Easy to carry or to add to your small Survival Kit ! Ready to add to your Bug Out Bag or any of your emergency gear...or your front pocket.  Very versatile !       For the pas few years,  have been buying compact retail fishing kits in the effort to find the right kit for personal Every Day Carry and to include in small/medium sized Survival Kits.  I just wasn't able to fid one that met my quality standards, so I started designing and building my own line of Emergency & Survival Kits and gear.  I have developed this extremely versatile, lightweight, and comprehensive kit from HIGH QUALITY, NAME BRAND items.      Please take the time to read through the following description of the contents of this fantastic kit.  Also, please view the photos for details, and don't hesitate to contact me if you want more information or additional photos prior to purchase.  Shipping is FREE to the lower 48 States via the United States Postal Service.  LET'S SEE WHAT IS IN THE KIT!!!! Total Kit Dimensions (Packed) in Container:   1" Wide, x2" Long, and 7/16" Thick (1) Metal Container, Rectangular, Sliding "Click" closure Lid:  Durable metal container in a brushed aluminum finish.  Pressed unit with rolled edges...no sharp edges and a "bathtub" base.  Rolled metal lips on the base and lid that engage cleanly and "snap" closed.  All of the items listed below fit securely into this tin.  I have also used this metal tin as a container to make char-cloth as well...just add some small denim squares and place over the hot coals of an existing fire and "bake" the cloth into small char-cloths that will easily catch a spark to create the next fire.  This takes some practice but is a great way to smart a fire with only a sparking source. (1) 3/16" x 7" Electrical Tape:  This thin band of electrical tape is wrapped around the plastic container to MAKE SURE that the case doesn't open unless you want it to.  The case...with it's contents...all fit perfectly inside.  The lid won't pop open on its' own....but the tape adds some security against accidental opening.  Also...the tape can come in handy for field repair and bushcraft.  The tape also makes your kit more resistant to water infiltration. (1) Piece HD Aluminum Foil:  One piece of Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil, approximately 4" x 5" and folded tightly into a small rectangle that goes into the kit last and kind of holds down some of the loose items inside.  The foil can be used to make small lures and spoons  (25) LF Braided Fishing Line: SpiderWire Stealth 20 Lb. - Moss Green.  I always (only) use this type of line in fishing kits....it's VERY durable an the color blends well in most fresh water sources.  The line is kept organized on a small plastic bobbin, and won't explode into tanged bird's nest like most cheap mono-filament lines sold in other kits.  (1) Gaffing Hook w/nail:  Large hook that can be secured to a pole with the included barbed tack and some line to make a gaffing stick for shoreline frog and fish gigging.  Only to be used in an emergency situation!(12) Fishing Hooks, assorted sizes: Various sizes of barbed baitholder hooks used for a variety of freshwater fishing needs.  All Eagle Creek brand.(1) Thill 2" Mini-Shy Bite, Bobber, Balsa Wood - Painted:  This little bobber fits perfectly into the kit, and is secured to your line with the included small rubber sleeves for a tight fit but easily adjusted when required.  This float works great for a subtle presentation of your emergency fishing rig in shoreline shallows or hard to reach areas.  It has a very light touch and it's perfect for short little hand casts from a cane pole when used with one of the little BB Pinch Sinkers....use one of the small hooks and catch bluegill, suns, and shiners...all day long!(4) Split Shot 3/0 Sinkers, Removable(8) Split Shot BB Sinkers, Removable(2) Rubber Core Sinkers, 1/6" Ounce(1) Steel Leader, Berkley Wire Wound, 9", 30#(3) Barrel Swivels, #8(3) Duo-Lock Swivels, w/Clasp, #10    * * * * *    Well folks...If you made it this far, you are a serious person that is interested in having the peace of mind in knowing that you can easily carry a small Fishing Kit that will GREATLY help you in the event of an emergency or survival situation.  While no survival kit of ANY SIZE can guarantee your safety...THIS ONE packs the most punch in the smallest size and weight.  You won't find this kit anywhere but RIGHT here.  They are hand assembled with the greatest of care and the contents are of the highest quality available.       If you would attempt to build this kit from scratch, you will find that it would be more costly than my offering price.  I have been an E-Bay seller since 2003 with near 100% Feedback.  Complete customer satisfaction is my #1 goal, in order to keep my reputation and selling integrity intact.   Please read and understand the following details prior to purchase. I have made every effort to describe the contents of this kit accurately.  Please take a close look at the photos or contact me for additional images.  I am always available to answer questions PRIOR to purchase.  This item will ship via USPS First Class Mail.   Shipping is free to the USA!  ALL others must contact me for an accurate shipping quote PRIOR to purchase.  FINAL DISCLAIMER:  It is YOUR responsibility to use this product in a safe manner.  By purchasing this product, you agree to assume all liabilty and responsibility for any accident, injury, or death that could occur through mis-use, neglect, or general stupidity. The Seller will not he held liable for any damages that occur in the use of this product.  You must be (18) years old or older to purchase this item, and by doing so...agree to these terms and conditions.  Thanks for looking at my products!               Froo www.froo.com | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application

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